Indiscriminate BRANDING is a nefarious thing specifically when it is done inaccurately or with a negative intent to put in a bad light an entity being branded. Let’s take as a case in point the brand “Christian” generally applied to the Philippines as a nation. Very inaccurate, though of course, I know there are genuine individual Christians in the Philippines whom I respect and truly appreciate.Nevertheless, let’s look at all forms of corruption and exploitation and heinous crimes and disempowerment Filipinos have experienced in their lives in the context of the “Christian” Philippine society.

We witnessed on TV news how the Japanese people acted so humanely toward each other while waiting and accepting relief assistance from humanitarian organizations when their country was tragically hit by a series of devastating calamities recently. Very organized lines of people calmly and patiently waiting. And when the goods arrived, nothing changed in the calmness and orderliness of the queues. We saw how able-bodied and young guys giving way to older ones especially older women and mothers with their children in tow. Very organized; very disciplined. Not Christian.

But what do we commonly witness in the Philippines when people converge to receive relief assistance from organizations after an equally devastating calamity? A very chaotic sea of people, furiously shoving each other, desperately storming their way toward the front line, hitting even faces of elderly women and pushing aside mothers carrying children. What ensues in a matter of just a few minutes is a riotous scenario of flying fists thrown in all directions featuring able-bodied guys fighting it out to get ahead of everybody. . . . Christian.

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