Lies, Liars and Clowns in a Circus Called Senate Inquiry


The demolition scheme of the “Yellowtards”–i.e., the Liberal Party under Benigno “Abnoy Kulangot” Aquino and Mar “Kupal” Roxas–which is spearheaded in the Senate by Sen. Leila “The Liar” De Lima and supported by Sen. Antonio “The Traitor” Trillanes and Sen. Frank “Lechon” Drilon ( leading “Yellowtards” all) has reached a new height of unblinking deception as a paid false witness whose special task is to spread blatant lies to destroy the name of President Duterte was presented at a Senate hearing on extrajudicial killings (EJKs) in Davao City when the president was yet the mayor then of the said city.

A flurry of fishy snapshots whirled around a Philippine Senate inquiry yesterday when the demolition squad of the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the “Yellowtards”) presented a PAID idiot to bear false witness against Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. Nevertheless, some sensible and critical sideline observers identified and listed more or less twenty inaccurate information (read: FILTHY LIES) which came out of the mouth of the obviously miserably coached FALSE WITNESS while being questioned by Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. As Senate President Koko Pimentel commented afterwards, that particular Senate inquiry was nothing but an exercise in futility.

I definitely agree with the good senator since not a single sustainable evidence was extracted from the FALSE WITNESS whose surname, MATOBATO even sounds like an INVENTED one. For those who speak the Spanish language, “Mato Bato” means “I kill Bato” in English. It might be a wild guess on my part and some would even think that my point has no substance at all. But during the hearing, the FALSE WITNESS tried to zero in on Gen. “Bato” de la Rosa’s major role in the crimes attributed to the President who was then the mayor of Davao City. Within the general structure of the demolition scheme, the apparent initial step is to “kill Bato” first, which is a figurative way of saying, “let’s put down and paralyze Gen. de la Rosa first” then we get Duterte and start the impeachment process.

Meanwhile, the role in the Philippine Senate of the CLASSIC TRAITOR, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, is not only to muffle the truth but to quash it by the limited methods he knows and has mastered through time as a former soldier trained in the art and practice of fascist obliteration: HARASSMENT, INTIMIDATION, and COERCION. The august hall of the Philippine Senate is therefore not the proper place for this incorrigible troublemaker who cannot be trusted a bit nor taken seriously for he is a PAID ringleader of the desperate “Yellowtards” of the Liberal Party.

(c) Ruel F. Pepa, 16 September 2016

The Empire At The Twilight Of Its Supremacy Over The Philippine Political Landscape


Who says the Philippines needs the US military presence? Only Filipino politicians who want to have a share in the US war business enterprise  while the majority of the Filipino people are being continually duped with the delusion that the Philippines is being perennially threatened by certain malevolent politico-military forces challenging the “benevolent” presence of the US not only in the Philippines but in Asia as a whole. These rabid pro-American Filipinos are the inheritors of their ancestors’ immortal “fairy tale” that the country will be prone to invasion if there is no American military presence in their turf.

The truth is, it is the US that needs the Philippines and this situation is the very factor that puts the Philippines in extreme jeopardy. Philippine government since time immemorial has been in a conspiratorial pact with the US to perpetuate in the mindset of the Filipinos that the US is a reliable ally and trustworthy friend who will never get into a perfidious act against the interest of the Filipino people. This is a lie that critical Filipinos have been trying to expose time and again despite the seeming nonchalance of most Filipinos.

Demanding US military presence to get out of the Philippines calls for a state of affairs where  Filipinos live in peace and security without pressure and intimidation from the US government which has been using its military deployment overseas to sow disturbance and disorder by aiding terrorists (like the Abu Sayyaf in Mindanao) as it implements its age-old strategy of “divide and rule”.

The neo-colonial condition of the Philippine politico-economic landscape is alive and kicking, so to speak, and is expected to stay on until the emergence into power of a new generation of leaders imbued with a deeper sense of nationalism and commitment to the ideals of national independence and sovereignty. We have witnessed the 21st-century realization of these ideals spearheaded by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela; Evo Morales in Bolivia; Rafael Correa in Ecuador and Jose Mujica in Uruguay.

But in the case of the Philippines, the evolution is yet on a gradual pace until the ripe time comes when one morning we–or perhaps, it’s more realistic to say, our children’s children–wake up to a new order of reality where the Filipino people in general and the government, in particular, are courageously and decisively shaping their future independent of imperialist dictates. The road may be rocky, dusty and full of unwanted debris but there’s no other alternative but to march on–even plod along–until we can stand up with the dignity and strength of a sovereign people recognized, respected and regarded as a nation of indisputable integrity.

(c) Ruel F. Pepa, 14 September 2016

In Quest of Common Unity In Truth


“If the justice system fails, the community will not.” I like this. But in the Philippines, every time the justice system fails, there’s no other recourse because there’s no community. This is sad.

COMMUNITY is “common unity”. This is what I wish we had in Philippine society. The lack of it is the very reason why the Philippines does not take off from its dismal situation. Why is there no community in the Philippines? Because Filipinos, by and large, do not have the appropriate lens to see the facts. And even if there are a few critical ones who have been using the right lens, the majority have continually refused–even repudiated–the value of such a lens. This condition divides society and in a divided society, there is precisely no community.

We have beliefs and many have the boldness to express their beliefs. The failure of many is their inability to elevate their beliefs to the level of knowledge by the process of verification. Verification is the way to ascertain the truth of a belief by either finding out if it corresponds with the facts or if it has logical coherence. If we hold a belief and we defend such a belief through rhetorics alone without considering the value of verification, what we believe in is not a matter of knowledge but of blind faith. But, mind you, blind faith can unite society and hence forge a community. However, such a community is bound to head towards a dead-end–a tragic disaster which demolished Nazi Germany in mid-1940s and decimated the more than 900 members of Jim Jones’ cult who in 1978 committed mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

The lens of empiricism strengthened by common sense and logic will lead us to see the facts and hence towards the formulation of beliefs verified through such facts. We call this the lens of straightforward empiricism. With the straightforward empirical lens, what one sees is what one gets. When one sees the facts, s/he automatically gets into the formation of a belief/beliefs which is/are articulated in a statement/statements whose truth(s) is/are of course dependent on the facts.  A society whose majority of people have been using the lens of straightforward empiricism will spontaneously head towards the creation of a community of open-minded denizens.

Let’s take as a case in point the issue of martial law in the Philippines during the time of Marcos dictatorship. A sensible discussion of which simply requires an uncomplicated presentation of sufficient facts. Facts in this sense are those that happened during that period in the history of the Philippines like (1) The murder and disappearance of those who bitterly opposed and criticized Marcos’ deceptions. (2) The plunder of billions of dollars (not pesos) from the nation’s coffer. These issues among others are not matters of belief but matters are fact.

Now if someone claims that all of these really happened during the Marcos dictatorship, these claims are beliefs. The truth or falsity of these claims/beliefs depends on the process of verification which is simply a way to validate these claims/beliefs against the facts. Thus, we can safely say at this point that the most reliable lens is the lens of straightforward empiricism.

When facts have already been presented, nobody can get away from them for they are not mere beliefs. It takes a blind believer to insist on what s/he believes in despite the contrary evidence presented by the facts. And this is the very situation most of us have gotten into because many don’t want to let go of certain beliefs which have long been determined to be contrary to facts. In a society where myriad of unverified beliefs proliferate, with most of them even contradicting each other at different levels of intensity, no community–common unity–will ever be realized.

(c) Ruel F. Pepa, 10 September 2016



by Carlos S. Bueno and Ruel F. Pepa

What we had long accepted since 2001 until very recently as factual events that unfolded right before our very eyes through the world’s media channels, and which had shaken the whole world right down to the core of our humanity, posing difficult questions that elude clear and truthful answers, have now been revealed to have been nothing more than lies and fabrications that unfortunately fomented real destruction and senseless deaths.

1) The 9-11 tragedy that took down the World Trade twin towers in New York in 2001 was actually set into motion by the US government itself;

2) The destruction of Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, and Libya and Syria, in the so-called “Arab Spring” are part of efforts to control and influence the oil trade;

3) The Boston Marathon bombing was just another elaborate hoax;

4) The “Sandy Hook massacre” was another hoax — no one actually died;

5) The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is now all but certain that it was the work of the top-secret US military base in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean;

6) The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 by a Ukrainian fighter plane over eastern Ukraine where Ukrainian rebels sympathetic to Russia, was by command of the Ukrainian government in Kiev that is the puppet regime of the US and NATO; and

7) The turmoil being made by ISIS/ISIL in the Middle East allegedly by so-called fundamentalist Muslims is actually part of the imperialist designs of the US, NATO and Zionist Israel — to destroy Islam and eventually put the region under US control.

These and other world politico-economic events are being brought to light through 21st-century information technology to be the new challenges to our consciousness and humanity, truths that point to the new “way of life” in the post-modern world that is being controlled by a cabal of shadowy figures with imperialist agenda across the global landscape.

It brings to mind the J. R. R. Tolkien saga of The Lord of the Rings (the 1st trilogy) — where an unspeakable evil (Sauron) seeks to overcome Middle Earth, the world of men, by exploiting the weaknesses of man (greed and lust for power) through the ring of power. In the context of the post-modern world, The Lord of the Rings startlingly fits as a sad commentary on the senseless deaths and destruction of the world of men — when seen through the micro lens (individual lives) and macro lens (collective status quo) of various countries — as some kind of geopolitical strategy game of a supra-government determined to dictate the global balance of power and world economic realities.

Who will be the “Hobbits” that will be able to vanquish these evil intentions? Who will be the “Aragorn” that will lead the people of the world to their freedom from the evil designs of Sauron (the US?), Saruman (NATO allies?) and their ilk — and usher in a new era for mankind — “The Return of the King”?

(c) Caloy Bueno and Ruel Pepa

“The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel”


PalesDavid's Star

“Another infusion of a foreign element into the Jewish People is that of the Khazars, who, due to their Turkish descent, is also of the Esau line. The Turks descend from Edom, and Edom is Esau. Benjamin H. Freedman, himself a Jew, said in an article titled ‘Palestine’ in Destiny for January 1948: ‘Political Zionism is almost exclusively a movement by the Jews of Europe. But these Eastern European Jews have neither a racial nor a historic connection with Palestine. Their ancestors were not inhabitants of the “Promised Land”. They are the direct descendants of the Khazar Kingdom, which existed until the 12th Century. The Khazars were a non-Semitic, Turko-Finn, Mongolian tribal people who, about the first century AD, emigrated from Middle Asia to Eastern Europe. There they created one of the largest kingdoms of their time. At its greatest extent it covered an area of about 800,000 square miles. About the 7th Century AD, the king of the Khazars adopted Judaism as the state religion, and the majority of the inhabitants joined him in the new allegiance. Before that date there was no such thing as a Khazar, who was a Jew. Neither then nor since was there such a thing as a Khazar whose ancestors had come from the Holy Land. The Semitic people who established Judaism in Palestine many centuries before the Khazars became converted to the Hebrew faith, did mostly emigrate from Palestine. But none of them emigrated to the Khazar far to the north. In view of this fact, what becomes of the cry for “repatriation” to the “homeland”? These Eastern European Yiddish speaking Jews have no historic or racial connection with Palestine, or, for that matter, with the other Jews who existed in other countries for thousands of years prior to the Khazar conversions’.”
F.W.C. Neser, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel, p. 81


The dominant Zionist population of modern-day Palestine called “Israel” are NOT of Semitic bloodline; they are originally Khazarians. They call us “anti-Semitic” every time we oppose and condemn their oppressive and unjust treatment of the Palestinians. Don’t be deceived; the truth of the matter is, the Palestinians are the authentic Semites and these Zionist Khazarians oppressing them are the real anti-Semites.

Biblical accounts tell us that the United Kingdom of Israel was divided some years after the death of King Solomon in 796 BCE. The northern kingdom became known as “the Kingdom of Israel” which was composed of the ten (10) of the twelve (12) tribes of Israel. The remaining two (2) tribes constituted the southern kingdom which became known as  “the Kingdom of Judah”. In connection with this development, the northerners were called “Israelites” while the southerners were called “Jews”.

The northern kingdom was overrun by the Assyrians in 722 BCE which caused the northerners–the Israelites–to flee from the kingdom and get scattered. Nobody knew where they headed to. In other words, they got lost. They became known as “THE LOST TEN TRIBES OF ISRAEL”. Then in 586 BCE, the southern kingdom was routed by the Babylonians and was brought into exile. The event later became known in history as “the Babylonian captivity”.

More in-depth research studies done in the 19th century onwards yielded some reliable circumstantial pieces of evidence that “the lost ten tribes of Israel populated large thickly forested and yet uncivilized land areas which we now call Northern and Western Europe.

In this connection, THE REAL ISRAELITES–the so-called “lost ten tribes of Israel”–are the modern-day northern and western Europeans and not the Khazarians who now occupy Palestine which they have stolen from the Palestinians.

(c) Ruel F. Pepa, 5 September 2016

“Exported Democracy” Has Just Entered The Philippines Now

davao bombing

“Democracy” is now being exported to the Philippines to bring down the present government of President Rodrigo Duterte and THE FIRST TERRORIST ATTACK which claimed 14 precious lives and injured 60 was perpetrated right in the most progressive Philippine city, Davao City, which is the President’s hometown whereof he had been mayor for many years.

Now is the time for us Filipinos to wake up and brace ourselves. The leading imperialist power, i.e., the United State of America, has already started to export “democracy” with the help of the Abu Sayyaf terrorists (a branch of ISIS/ISIL in the Philippines) and the yellow terrorists under the leadership of Abnoy Aquino to destroy the Philippines. The first terrorist attack of the passionate lovers of “democracy” is now in the news.

It is imminent that Filipinos in various parts of the country, especially those located in major cities to prepare themselves and be ready for an anticipated series of terrorist attacks to be launched by the leading “exporter of democracy” which is the United States of America with the support of the Abu Sayyaf terrorists and the local yellow terrorists to bring down the present government of President Rodrigo Duterte by destroying the country the way this “democracy exporter” has destroyed countries like Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine, among others.

Philippine President Duterte has been on a crusade to educate the Filipino people that instead of listening to the black propaganda disseminated by the U.S. in its condemnation of the so-called extra-judicial killings of drug-related criminals in the Philippines as a major violation of human rights, the American people ought to be reminded first of how their government has been on a systematic campaign of committing a heinous crime called GENOCIDE in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Palestine among others. That is an extreme kind of human rights violations and the U.S. government doesn’t want the people of the Philippines to be aware of this truth. This very thing explains why “democracy” is now being exported by the U.S. to the Philippines.

(c) Ruel F. Pepa, 2 September 2016